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description of job:

1. Develop and revise IQC operational procedures and inspection standards as needed;

2. Supervise and inspect the inspection work of IQC personnel to ensure the specification of inspection work;

3. Review the selection of major suppliers in accordance with the relevant documentation requirements;

4. Regularly analyze supplier records, communicate with suppliers, develop improvement plans, and track improvements;

5. Quality certification for new item numbers and new supplier products;

6. Based on a thorough understanding of the supplier's production processes and key control points, help suppliers identify potential problems in production processes and quality control, and monitor improvements.

7. Timely resolution of quality issues related to materials supplied by suppliers;

8. Participate in the trial production of new products, analyze and improve the quality problems of incoming materials during the trial production, and follow up to verify the improvement effect;

9. Provide training to IQC inspectors and QC monitors to improve their skills;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

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