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R&D structural engineer

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description of job:

1. Produce drawings of drawings, process requirements, product packaging methods and packaging materials for products and parts according to the plan designed by the chief engineer;

2. Carry out a cost assessment of the new product to be developed;

3. Design verification for newly developed products;

4. Confirm the mold used by the supplier to open new parts;

5. New product component inquiry;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior;

job requirements:

1. College degree or above in mechanical or electronic majors;

2, 3 years of mechanical design experience;

3. Proficiency in computer office software and drawing software, skilled operation of CAD and a 3D design software;

4. Familiar with the product development process;

5. Understand ISO9000 management knowledge;

6, familiar with English reading and writing;

7, skilled use of office software, such as the general EXCEL, POWER POINT software operation;

8. Positive attitude, good at accepting opinions, pioneering thinking; team-oriented and certain communication skills.

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