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R&D Project Management Manager

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description of job:

1. Follow up on new projects, actively communicate with customers, and gain in-depth understanding of customer-related requirements;

2. Leading the development of new R&D projects: including time schedules, personnel resource plans, material procurement plans and risk management plans;

3. Lead and promote the design review, process review, prototype testing, trial production and other processes in new R&D projects;

4. Inter-department communication and coordination of the progress of new R&D projects, regular project meetings and control progress, allocation and coordination of internal resources for problems to be solved, and regular reporting of project progress to higher-level management personnel;

5. R&D project cost control;

6. Standardization of process technical data after the completion of new projects;

7. Other work assigned by the leadership and training on engineering project management knowledge for R&D engineers.

job requirements:

1. Mechanical or electronic major, more than three years of research and development or project management experience, better working experience in the connector / wire harness industry;

2. Have the ability to negotiate, make decisions, organize and coordinate, and correctly handle and coordinate problems and conflicts between customers and companies;

3. Good oral and literacy skills in English, able to use English as a working language;

4. Bachelor degree or above, with PMP project management certificate preferred;

5. Cheerful, strong communication skills and strong leadership skills

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