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(QE) Quality Engineer

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description of job:

1. Leading company quality data collection, collation and analysis to ensure the authenticity of the collected data, the reliability and practicality of the analysis;

2. Assist the superior to analyze, handle and solve the quality problems of customer complaints, meet the quality requirements of customers, and continuously improve the satisfaction of product quality;

3. Produce product inspection specifications and quality control plans to achieve product quality standards;

4. Communicate with customers or sales departments to grasp customer needs and effectively communicate customer quality requirements within the company;

5. Analyze the abnormalities found in the process, and lead the relevant departments to take corrective and preventive measures and ensure effective implementation;

6. Collect and organize the rationalization proposals of the employees in the department, and report to the quality control department for approval to organize the specific implementation work;

7. Follow-up of the processing and processing results of the customer return;

8. Skill training and guidance for IPQC, FQC, and OQC inspectors;

9. Establish a complete quality record and save it;

10. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

job requirements:

1. More than three years of quality site management experience;

1. Familiar with electronic, hardware products quality management, quality analysis and control knowledge;

2. Independently conduct quality problem analysis, judgment and processing;

3. Have certain statistical knowledge and be familiar with quality management techniques;

4. Excellent writing skills and logical thinking skills;

5. Strong English reading and writing ability (can handle English mail, materials, reports, etc.);

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