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Cable Engineer (RF Cable)

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description of job:

1. Design and develop new cable products according to the requirements of customers and marketing departments;

2. Develop product specifications and calculate standard costs;

3. Find and select suppliers of key materials;

4. Write or approve process documents

5. Handling abnormalities in the production process; analyzing and improving defective products;

6. Assist quality engineers in handling customer complaints;

7. Develop standard working hours and improve production efficiency;

8. Train production line staff;

job requirements:

1. Being healthy and working hard;

2. Specialty in polymer materials, insulating materials, wire and cable, college degree or above

3. Relevant work experience is preferred;

4. Skilled in applying at least one drawing software;

5. Familiar with cable standards at home and abroad;

6. Familiar with the characteristics of cable processing technology;

7. Have a team spirit;

8. Obey the leadership work arrangement;

9. Experience with RF stabilized phase cable and high speed data cable is preferred.

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